фото 152  Department of Political Science, Sociology and Social Communications foto 152

There are lecturers- scientists at this department working actively to provide humanitarian education for the future specialists of telecommunications at highest scientific and academic level. They are: Candidate of Juriditial Sciences Professor I.V. Krylov, Candidate of Philosophy Sciences, associate professor I.L. Vasilenko, Candidate of Political Sciences, associate professor V.I. Bezrodna.

Associate professor V.I. Bezrodna organizes the scientific work of the department, I.L. Vasilenko organizes discipline work, and Professor I.V. Krylov provides guidance papers for distance learning.

Scientific interests of lecturers of the department focus on such important issues as political aspects of informational society formation, theory and practice of social state, modern stage and development prospects of civil society in Ukraine, social and psychological aspects of conflicts, sociology of a conflict. All this time the Head of the cabinet S.L. Taranenko has been working at the department. She provides methodological support of educational process and participates in lecturers’ and students’ scientific work organizing.

The department staff actively takes part in scientific researches within complex department and fiscal topics of priority scientific programs, defined by Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine and by Ministry of Education and Science. Since 2001, the lecturers of the department has been working on the project called “Political, Legal and Social Aspects of Ukrainian Society Modernization”.

In 2003, a social laboratory of the department started to work. Social researches of the laboratory are oriented on revealing of the main tendencies of social development of Ukrainian society, student youth and analyses of social transformations peculiarities that take place in Ukraine at the turn of the millennium.

It is opened a Center of students’ legal defense on the basis of the department. It operates successfully with Head of the department Deputy, Professor I.V. Krylov at the head. It provides legal aid for students of the Academy in a civil capacity.

A student scientific club operates at the department. Its aim is to popularize the humanitarian knowledge among students of technical Higher Educational Institute. Associate professor I.L. Vasilenko trains students for scientific conferences.

In April 2003, according to the resolution of the Presidium of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Ukraine, ONAT n.a. O.S. Popov is in the list of leading organizations for dissertation expert evaluation in such disciplines: 23.00.01- theory and history of political science; 23.00.02- political institutes and processes; 23.00.04- political problems of international systems and global development.

In 2003, the department of politology made its first degree-credit enrollment for specialties listed above. Members of the department take an active part in international republican, scientific and practice conferences.

The lecturers of the department pay much attention to students’ patriotic education. Such events are organized for students of ONAT n.a. O.S. Popov: systematic informing of students about political events in our country and all over the world; education of business and personal qualities of the future specialists, patriotism and civil duty; discussions on laws and politics problems, and other actual problems of students’ life; department participation in organizing of cultural lecturers and  amateur performances at humanitarian education and development center; visiting museums and exhibitions by students; department participation in artistic and aesthetic events of the Academy and their programs’ development.